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The Hosting of the Sidhe

I’ve enjoyed W B Yeats’ poems since I was a teenager, and recently I’ve been reading more about his magical life and his ambitions to found a mystical order based on the sacred places and spirits of Ireland.  So I decided to … Continue reading

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Bride’s Well in Glastonbury

The Victorian revival of Glastonbury as Avalon began here. A generation before Dion Fortune, a group of seekers played out a magical working in the landscape of Glastonbury, concealing and discovering a Holy Grail in the waters of an elusive … Continue reading

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The Dancing Floor Spirals

Here is a great clip from The Dancing Floor pilot film by my friend Lyn Webster Wilde. In it we see Sita and Gethin begin their journey on the spiral pattern of the dancing floor. You can find out more about the film here: http://igg.me/at/Dancingfloor … Continue reading

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Reed Month

October 28th-November 24th is the month associated with reeds in the Celtic tree calendar. Perhaps it seems odd that reeds count as trees, but they do form flexible hollow canes (like bamboo) , and they are also quite tall (the … Continue reading

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