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The Sleeping Giant of Cribarth

This summer I went to visit some sites in the upper Tawe Valley in South Wales. I was interested in following up some hints left by a druid about the Valley of the Ancients – “the most holy pagan site … Continue reading

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How I came to the British Mysteries

One of the reasons I am so pleased that The Dancing Floor film is being made is that my first contact with the mysteries was through something similar. Looking back, I see that contact as the start of a path that I have … Continue reading

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The Dancing Floor

My friend Lyn Webster Wilde is making a film with its roots in the mythology of ancient Britain, which promises to be a magical experience! As she says on her fundraising site: The Dancing Floor is suffused with images from one of … Continue reading

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Caer Brân, a Cornish hillfort

Caer Brân is an Iron Age hillfort built on a Bronze Age site near Land’s end in Cornwall. Located on a hill in the centre of the Penwith peninsula, it has good views of the countryside and the sea surrounding it. … Continue reading

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The Voices in the Wells

This is an article I wrote some years ago for the Pagan Federation South Central Newsletter, about wells and springs. I was inspired to republish it by the recent announcement of a new charity, called The Flowing Britain Trust, dedicated … Continue reading

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Bran and the British Mysteries

This is from a talk I gave some years ago about Bran the Blessed, who features in the second branch of the Mabinogion, the Tale of Branwen, daughter of Llyr.  It seems to me that the story of Bran was … Continue reading

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Llyfr Taliesin: The Book of Taliesin

Llyfr Taliesin: The Book of Taliesin Good site for The Book of Taliesin, although the translation is a bit outdated now (the majority of the translations are from The Four Ancient Books of Wales, by W. F. Skene, 1858). It … Continue reading

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