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Loch dá Ghedh

I recently came across a fascinating Irish folklore site called dú, which includes digitized images of thousands of pages of folklore written down by schoolchildren in the 1930s: Approximately 740,000 pages (288,000 pages in the pupils’ original exercise books; 451,000 pages … Continue reading

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Bride’s Well in Glastonbury

The Victorian revival of Glastonbury as Avalon began here. A generation before Dion Fortune, a group of seekers played out a magical working in the landscape of Glastonbury, concealing and discovering a Holy Grail in the waters of an elusive … Continue reading

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The Music of What Happens

In the Tales of the Boyhood of Fionn¹, there is an interesting debate among Fionn and his friends as to what was the finest music in the world: “Tell us that,” said Fionn turning to Oisi’n [pronounced Usheen] “The cuckoo calling … Continue reading

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The Voices in the Wells

This is an article I wrote some years ago for the Pagan Federation South Central Newsletter, about wells and springs. I was inspired to republish it by the recent announcement of a new charity, called The Flowing Britain Trust, dedicated … Continue reading

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Midsummer walk

This is the story of my midsummer walk on Llangoed common. Seen from one point of view, I went for a walk, and saw some horses and some birds. But from another point of view it was a journey of … Continue reading

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Newith and the Bone Needle

This is a story I wrote a while back. The original inspiration for the tale was a visit to Anglesey, and in particular a Hut group near Holyhead Mountain. Newith and the Bone Needle Long ago, in a village on … Continue reading

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The New World

Here’s a story I wrote a few years ago, about a world before ours, and how things changed… Before the new world was made, people lived as spirits among other spirits. They walked where they wanted, playing with friends and … Continue reading

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