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The Company of Nine – An ancient template for women’s magic

Guest Post by Cherry Gilchrist We, who come among the dead as far as to the very Goddess, nine girls, maidens, lovely in our dancing, in bright loveliness of folded woven-work, with fine-sawn necklaces of ivory, shine, brilliant to the dead … Continue reading

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Loch dá Ghedh

I recently came across a fascinating Irish folklore site called dú, which includes digitized images of thousands of pages of folklore written down by schoolchildren in the 1930s: Approximately 740,000 pages (288,000 pages in the pupils’ original exercise books; 451,000 pages … Continue reading

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Bride’s Well in Glastonbury

The Victorian revival of Glastonbury as Avalon began here. A generation before Dion Fortune, a group of seekers played out a magical working in the landscape of Glastonbury, concealing and discovering a Holy Grail in the waters of an elusive … Continue reading

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The Music of What Happens

In the Tales of the Boyhood of Fionn¹, there is an interesting debate among Fionn and his friends as to what was the finest music in the world: “Tell us that,” said Fionn turning to Oisi’n [pronounced Usheen] “The cuckoo calling … Continue reading

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The Voices in the Wells

This is an article I wrote some years ago for the Pagan Federation South Central Newsletter, about wells and springs. I was inspired to republish it by the recent announcement of a new charity, called The Flowing Britain Trust, dedicated … Continue reading

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Midsummer walk

This is the story of my midsummer walk on Llangoed common. Seen from one point of view, I went for a walk, and saw some horses and some birds. But from another point of view it was a journey of … Continue reading

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Newith and the Bone Needle

This is a story I wrote a while back. The original inspiration for the tale was a visit to Anglesey, and in particular a Hut group near Holyhead Mountain. Newith and the Bone Needle Long ago, in a village on … Continue reading

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The New World

Here’s a story I wrote a few years ago, about a world before ours, and how things changed… Before the new world was made, people lived as spirits among other spirits. They walked where they wanted, playing with friends and … Continue reading

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