Kabbalah and the Big Bang

In medieval times the Kabbalistic Tree of Life incorporated a model of the physical universe. In this model the earth was at the centre, surrounded by spheres of the known planets: the Moon, Mercury, Venus, the Sun, Mars, Jupiter, and the sphere of fixed stars.  We can see this model in the planetary attributes of the sephiroth. (See my previous post for more on the Tree and the planetary attributes).


Nowadays we have a different model of the physical universe: starting with an infinitely small singularity out of nowhere which suddenly expands and inflates in a big bang, creating space and time as it goes, and then there’s some cooling and clumping together to begin the formation of matter and eventually the universe we experience today.


Chronology of the Universe

I love reading about the big bang theory because it is so awesome – and it stretches my mind in the same way that working with the Tree of Life does. When I think about Kether breaking forth from the veils of negative existence, I also think about the singularity bursting, and what there was before that moment. And then perhaps we can make other correspondences. Cosmic Inflation = Hokhmah and Cooling and Clumping = Binah for example?

Here’s a nice video on inflation, with some nice animations from about halfway through.

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