Worshipping Space

A friend asked me the other day what I worshipped in nature – was it trees, rivers, mountains for example? I’m not quite sure about ‘worship’, but thinking for a while, I went for space – that unthinkably huge collection of galaxies, stars and planets that surrounds us, extending to the unbelievably distant, but still within sight in the night sky.

Then I listened to this great BBC podcast of a program with Martin Rees, Bernard Carr and Fay Dowker talking about the multiverse – the idea that even beyond what we can see there may be other universes. From the idea of us on earth at the centre of everything, we’ve been moving our thoughts outwards to other stars with planets like ours, to galaxies like ours made of 100 billion stars,  to clusters of galaxies visible to us, and now many universes making up a multiverse.

What a time to be alive!


Hubble image showing about 10,000 galaxies. Via Huffington Post

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2 Responses to Worshipping Space

  1. lynww says:

    Nice post, Rod, will listen later to the podcast. Saw Roger Penrose at the HayFest and he seems to have become sceptical about everything (string theory,quantum theory) inc multiverses. Can’t say I understood it all but I think he was trying to point out that scientists must take care not to get stuck or follow fashions. But I like multiverses personally…

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