The Dancing Floor

My friend Lyn Webster Wilde is making a film with its roots in the mythology of ancient Britain, which promises to be a magical experience! As she says on her fundraising site:

The Dancing Floor is suffused with images from one of the most enigmatic stories in the Mabinogion, which tells how the virgin Arianrhod bears a child, how men can be turned into animals – and back again, and how the virgin’s child becomes a miracle boy who is transformed into an eagle, eaten by a pig and finally restored by his uncle’s love!

The film is set in the present day, and at its core is a riddle: how do we find ‘what is lost’? In the film we see this through the heroine Sita’s eyes. Sita is half Indian and half Welsh, half scientist and half mystic, and she is pushed right to the edge of herself, and faces a step into a terrifying unknown.


I’ve known Lyn for many years. She got me started on my current path when she took me away to Orkney for a week with the House of Arianrhod. (Some of the experiences of that otherworld journey are described in her book Becoming the Enchanter). Since then we have worked together a lot, trying to dig down to the living core of these old teaching stories.

Lyn has been working towards making this film for some years now. So far she has made a tantalising pilot film which you can watch here (you will need to enter the password that it tells you about). She is now moving on to the next stage of production and needs to raise funds for it. You can make a contribution on her Indigogo fundraising site, and you can even get a perk like being an extra in the film!

I think this is a film that needs to be made!

The Dancing Floor – Help us make the feature film

Lyn’s Blog

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