The Song of Uvavnuk

From Shamanic Voices by Joan Halifax:

“Uvavnuk, a Netsilik Eskimo woman, achieved her great power in one extraordinarily dramatic instant. According to Rasmussen, a ball of fire came down from the sky and struck Uvavnuk senseless. When she regained consciousness, the spirit of light was within her. Her great power was used only to help her people. And when she sang, ‘all those present were loosed from their burden of sin and wrong; evil and deceit vanished as a speck of dust blown from the hand.
And this was her song:

The Great Sea has set me in motion
Set me adrift,
Moving me as the weed moves in a river.
The arch of sky and mightiness of storms
Have moved the spirit within me,
Till I am carried away
Trembling with joy.'”

Sun and CLouds

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