The Three Realms


The blessing of heaven, cloud blessing,
The blessing of earth, fruit blessing,
The blessing of sea, fish blessing.¹

Groups of three crop up a lot in spiritual, religious and philosophical traditions. For example the Christian Trinity, the Three Pure Ones of Taoism, and the Hindu Trimurti (illustrated below). In the Kabbalah, the tree of life has three pillars, sometimes called form, force and consciousness, and in the philosophy of G I Gurdjieff,  the Law of Three is a fundamental characteristic of existence:  every whole phenomenon is composed of three separate sources, which can be considered as affirming, denying and reconciling.

Elephanta Caves Trimurti

Groups of three are also found in druid tradition, for example embodied in the Welsh triads (three part verses from medieval times), the three cauldrons of the Old Irish Cauldron of Poesy, and the three legs of the awen symbol. One grouping that I want to consider is that of the three realms – the sky above, the earth below, and the waters around us.

In working with the three realms, I try to become aware of where I am standing – the sky extending above my head into the unknown limits of space, the hidden depth of the earth under my feet, and my place on an island, surrounded by sea on all sides. I think this is part of the point of working with the three realms in a ritual setting – a proper awareness of the three focuses attention on the here and now and fosters stillness. I imagine that in the olden days, when people dug ditches as part of their henges, it was so that the place would seem more like an island, and so encourage a more direct awareness  of the three realms.


The Triple Spiral

The Tairis Gaelic Polytheist Website has an interesting section on the Three Realms as represented in the literature of ancient Ireland and Scotland, and explains that the triple spiral is sometimes used to represent them –  in modern paganism at least. The triple spiral is found in various forms on many prehistoric carvings, such as the entrance stone at Newgrange (see below).

Bild Newgrange-trippelspiral

As a symbol of the three realms, the triple spiral has some interesting aspects. Each of the realms is shown as a spiral, perhaps indicating power, or movement, or representing a path that can be walked to a centre.  Another tempting idea is to see the three spirals as representing three different type of mind (perhaps what we would call head, heart and guts) the lines of the spirals reminiscent of the anatomical folds of the cortex.

A key point is that all three spirals are connected together, meeting at a central point. This is perhaps the still point where we can stand if we choose, free of the influences of the three realms, able to see the whole picture.

“At the still point of the turning world. Neither flesh nor fleshless;
Neither from nor towards; at the still point, there the dance is.”
T.S.Eliot, Burnt Norton

The Temple of Seven

In the tradition I work in, we see the three realms as manifestations of light, waters and fields of space, three aspects of the universe which come into being at the moment of creation. Each of the three are made real by the interaction between a female and a male presence, so we have three lords and three ladies, each arranged around a central turning point in a seven-fold spiral. 


In our system the three first come into existence as three mothers: the Lady of Light, the Lady of Waters and the Lady of Fields. But the three mothers of necessity call forth three partners, the Lords. 

“Three asleep, the Gate, three awake – these seven are the seven potencies which, separated and now conscious one of the other, bring into perceptible existence the servants, the constructors of creation.”²

Silbury Hill reflection 1

More information:

1. The first three of a series of blessings from “The Story of the Finding of Cashel”.

2. The Book of Jubilee, A Primer of Saros Philosophy

Gurdfieff’s Law of Three

Saros Philosophy: A Three Fold Paradigm

Cauldron of Poesy

Tairis: Sources for the Three Realms

Wikipedia on the Triple Spiral

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11 Responses to The Three Realms

  1. lynww says:

    I’ve been thinking about threeness too this week because I saw the Company of Storytellers perform ‘The Three Snakes Leaves’ for the third time, after spending three days isolated because of the snow. That is three threes. It was a potent performance by five people (three tellers plus two musicians) who have worked really hard to bring the stories of our native tradition to life. They have certainly inspired me. The mystery of three really is a mysterious one, and a good one to think about on Good Friday which is a day of suffering and despair in the Christian calendar. Maybe instead of hopeless suffering we can practise ‘conscious labour and intentional suffering’ today. And hope for a joyful and creative rebirth on Sunday, no matter what tradition we follow. Happy Easter.

  2. lynww says:

    btw, that’s Arianrhod’s silver shield you used for your illustration. Now you owe me a favour!

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  4. Reblogged this on BART Station Bard and commented:
    Wow. Amazing post. The Power of Three.

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  6. simonjkyte says:

    final pic is silbury

    • singinghead says:

      Interesting! I didn’t know that the Sicilian flag is a triskelion too (I’ve got an Isle of Man flag in my back window!)

      • simonjkyte says:

        Basically the same symbol but Sicily has a medusa head in it. It may come from the shape of the island or the 3 main ethnic groups that were there in the classical era?

  7. Reblogged this on Green Dragon's Cave, Author and Artist and commented:
    The power of three is immense.

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