Winter Solstice Moon 2010

Sunrise on Tuesday 21st December will be a very special time this year, because the winter solstice will coincide with a full moon and a total lunar eclipse, aligned to the galactic centre. In other words, the Moon, Earth, Solstice Sun and Galactic Centre will all be in perfect alignment.

At 06:32 in the morning of Tuesday December 21st, when the full moon is sinking in the western sky, the left-hand edge of it will become darkened. Over the next hour, more and more of the Moon’s disc will be covered by shadow; at 07:40 the eclipse will become complete. At this stage, the Moon will be getting very low, and the sky will be starting to get light. As the moon sets, the sun will rise, at about 08:04.

In addition, according to Kairos Astrology, the winter solstice sunrise is directly aligned to the Galactic Centre. The Mayans, among other cultures, have identified this dark rift in the milky way galaxy (between Sagittarius & Scorpio) as the cosmic source of all creation (and destruction) and they have specifically tied their mythological and calendrical traditions to its winter solstice alignment. It is the place to which the Mayan shamans have always ventured on their visionary journeys in order to gain wisdom and understanding.

Sources: The Sky in November 2010, Kairos Astrology

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  1. adam says:

    Thank you. I’ll get myself up somewhere high on the morning of 21 dec Though i norally celbrate the Solstice at Sun set on 21Dec, and enjoy this spectical

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