Llyfr Taliesin: The Book of Taliesin

Llyfr Taliesin: The Book of Taliesin

Good site for The Book of Taliesin, although the translation is a bit outdated now (the majority of the translations are from The Four Ancient Books of Wales, by W. F. Skene, 1858). It includes favourites such as the Battle of the Trees and the Spoils of Annwn:

Am I not a candidate for fame, if a song is heard?
In Caer Pedryvan, four its revolutions;
In the first word from the cauldron when spoken,
From the breath of nine maidens it was gently warmed.

The most recent translation of the legendary poems, by Marged Haycock, is available on Amazon here:

I’m splendid of fame – song was heard
in the four quarters of the fort, revolving to face the four directions
My first utterance was spoken concerning the cauldron
kindled by the breath of nine maidens.


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