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Ivy Moon

Moon was near full last night – rising at Sunset in a perfectly clear sky. Merlin says the full Ivy Moon is coming on Saturday 23rd October at 2:44:37am (Merlin’s calendar). Here’s some information on Ivy from Botanical page … Continue reading

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What did Orion mean to a stone-ager?

Orion is my favorite winter constellation – easy to spot even in London, and somehow a comforting presence on clear winter nights. It seems that our ancestors also thought Orion was important, because they aligned several prehistoric sites with the … Continue reading

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Platonic solids from the stone age

Hundreds of carved stone spheres, roughly three inches in diameter, believed to date to around 2000 BC, have been found over the years in Scotland. Many are carved with lines corresponding to the edges of regular polyhedra. Some of these … Continue reading

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The New World

Here’s a story I wrote a few years ago, about a world before ours, and how things changed… Before the new world was made, people lived as spirits among other spirits. They walked where they wanted, playing with friends and … Continue reading

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